While I and the girls were in the living room, suddenly the front door flew open.  She had returned!  We all knew she would kill me and possibly the girls too because they encouraged my actions.

She stood there in the doorway, not sure where to step next, smiling and looking over my catastrophe.   There was her beloved piano, with its parts strewn all over the house.  She just knew it would never sound the same.

Fortunately, my wife is a forgiving soul.  Obviously, her forgiveness only comes after a good tongue-lashing!

I can say I never repainted another piano.  (Yes, I did do another kitchen but things worked out that time.)  We’ve had a good laugh over that event with the girls.  Now, with both girls gone, we just sit and try to remember those kinds of days.

Thank God for those days which make us mad, then forgive, learn from our situations, and then the laughter.